about Wings For Warriors ®

Wings for Warriors is a volunteer driven 501(c)(3) non-profit organization designed to help ensure that our combat wounded Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans returning home, or transitioning into the realm of their disabilities are getting the adequate healthcare and financial benefits that they deserve, and should expect from their local communities this type of support and outreach. We owe them that! These wounded warriors fought for us... It's time we fight for them ™

About the FOUNDER & CEO


“Hi there! Thank you for checking out our website. My name is Anthony “Doc” Ameen. I served as a Hospital Corpsman in the US Navy from 2002-2010. I was severely wounded in combat in 2008, while operating in Afghanistan with 2nd Batallion/7th Marines – 1st Marine Division. 34 surgeries later…

The lower 1/2 of my left leg was amputated, reconstructive surgery to my left hand and fingers, and countless operations were performed to save my right leg, along with the mental and emotional suffering from PTS, etc.

With that said, I understand and know firsthand what these wounded warriors are facing on a daily basis with regards to their recovery process. As for their benefits, it is not an easy task to make certain that all of the entitlements that are promised to them are met and delivered in a timely fashion. It is extremely stressful and draining for wounded warriors to make a dozen phone calls and/or emails a day to track down their benefits all while they should be focused strictly on their healthcare/recovery, families, etc.

That is why I decided to establish Wings for Warriors. It is my hope that through the activities of this organization we can provide a helping hand to the many wounded veterans dealing with struggles along the road to recovery similar to my own.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. I wish all of our wounded warriors nothing but the best, because that’s what they deserve! These wounded warriors fought for us… It’s time we fight for them.” TM

– Founder/CEO – Anthony “Doc” Ameen

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